Minister @RichardbrutonTD launching EducationPlan18 with Taoiseach @campaignforleo and Minister @mitchelloconnor: We are working to make the Irish education and training service the

Map. History of Ireland conflict

25 February 2018
Irish finance minister expects UK to honor December Brexit deal
Minister @RichardbrutonTD launching EducationPlan18 with Taoiseach @campaignforleo and Minister @mitchelloconnor: We are working to make the Irish education and training service the
The President of the Irish Pharmacy Union has said pharmacists are seen as easy targets by criminals
2 week ago
Financial Times: EU officials say compromise on Irish border is the biggest risk in negotiations
Ryanair CEO warns of strikes, says some pilot demands 'laughable'
The Irish Special Criminal Court has accepted evidence identifying Patrick Hutch as one of the gunmen involved in the murder at the Regency Hotel
Coláiste Ráithín Bray is on the march this morning, demanding access to their new school building, 98% complete but mired in Carillion collapse aftermath
Irish Foreign Minister: The EU and UK both stand to gain from the closest possible customs and regulatory partnership
Taoiseach @campaignforleo says he is not sure of the implications regarding Eir's withdrawal from the tendering process for the National Broadband Plan. Says govt is keen to conclude a contract and priority is to ensure half a million rural households are connected
Ireland's foreign minister Simon Coveney tells the country's Senate that the government opposes a bill criminalizing trade with Israeli settlements
Ireland announced a referendum to decide if abortion clauses should be removed from the constitution
Cabinet has agreed to hold an abortion referendum by the end of May.
Eamonn Cumberton has been found guilty of murdering Michael Barr, the manager of the Sunset House, at the pub in April 2016
Irish PM says wants 'Norway-plus' Brexit deal with UK
1 month ago
Brexit Secretary David Davis: (Irish border) we have always said there will not be a border in the Irish Sea, we're not going to break up the UK
[email protected]: We anticipate new home construction will rise to between 20,000 and 25,000 this year. Figures from last year show some improvement in the area of housing
Northern Ireland militant splinter group says it will end violent campaign
President of US Chamber of Commerce: Ireland to play a prominent role in EU post-Brexit
Irishman dies, second missing in Ecuador kayak accident
Irish Taoiseach says there can be no 'backsliding' on Irish border Brexit agreement
Irish PM denies that the EU is conspiring to reverse the Brexit vote, but says a second referendum would not be "anti-democratic"
[email protected]: I have no desire to see any borders in Ireland, or between Northern Ireland and the UK, we'll do everything we can to prevent that, N. Ireland shouldn't have to choose between prioritising trade with the UK or EU, special arrangements are possible
Varadkar: fundamnetally what we have have to move away from is any idea that any country can have a relationship that involves taking all the benefits and none of the responsibilites and obligations. That's the fundamental thing we need to insist on
Taoiseach @campaignforleo: I will absolutely fight hard to ensure we can have as close as possible partnership and relationship between UK-EU it's in Ireland's, British people and EU's interest
Farage to Vardakar: "You're prepared to put your devotion to the European project above the interests of Irish farmers."
Irish PM explains what many in EU tend to forget. "In a global context we are a Union of small countries." Explains that if EU member states give in to Nationalism they will give up even more influence in the world. He makes strong, measured case for EU in front of EP
EP Brexit coordinator @guyverhofstadt tells @campaignforleo EU will be behind him in Brexit negotiations says "in these negotiations we are all Irish"
Juncker: (Good Friday Agreement) peace can be fragile, I see no more important use of our new budget than guaranteeing and financing the peace process in Ireland, this is an unconditional European commitment
Juncker: the commission and Irish government worked tirelessly and side by side to reach the sufficient progress needed to move onto the next phase of the Brexit talks, this partnership will continue and grow stronger
"When it comes to Ireland, we are all for one and one for all" says @JunckerEU in debate with irish @RealTaoiseach