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20 September 2018
Taoiseach says after today's Brexit deal, he believes the next stage in negotiations is leading UK towards alignment with the EU
Going forward, the UK has "got to understand that they are leaving something that we have all built, and there will be a price for that," Irish @FineGael MEP @brianhayesMEP tells
Northern Ireland will maintain fully aligned with the EU internal market and customs Union unless another solution is found clarifies – Barnier at press conference
Mary Lou McDonald expresses concerns about the customs union and single market
Taoiseach says Brexit is a British policy that the Irish Government never wanted to happen, and so it is in our interest that the Brexit that does happen is as soft as possible
Leo Varadkar says border agreement is "politically bullet proof" and provides cast iron guarantees
Taoiseach says he has not spoken directly with DUP leader Arlene Foster as the negotiations were primarily between European Union and British negotiating teams
We have achieved all that we set out to achieve in phase one - @campaignforleo
"Without any doubt our future lies in the European Union," Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says at conclusion of statement on this morning's Brexit deal
Taoiseach offers assurances to Irish citizens in Northern Ireland. "You will never again be left behind by an Irish government."
Taoiseach also seeks to reassure "the nationalist people of Northern Ireland" that their birthright as Irish citizens will not be effected by Brexit deal
'The Good Friday Agreement in all of its parts, has been protected' says Leo Varadkar, Irish Prime Minister on Brexit deal
We've reached a satisfactory conclusion on the issues related to Ireland: @campaignforleo
"I want in particular to recognise the unionist community in Northern Ireland and assure you the Irish Government has no hidden agenda," Taoiseach says
'Today is a very significant day we have reached a satisfactory conclusion' says Leo Varadkar, Irish Prime Minister following progress in Brexit negotiations
We have achieved all that we set out to achieve in phase one of Brexit talks, Taoiseach @campaignforleo says
Crucial guarantees for Ireland: No hard border with Northern Ireland after Brexit but also no details given how that can work
Ireland and Britain are 'very close' and seemingly a matter of hours away from a Brexit deal - Irish official
Irish hard border would be 'obvious terror target'
Northern Ireland's DUP says talks with UK government continuing
9 month ago
UK Prime Minister Theresa May and her Irish counterpart Leo Varadkar have spoken on the telephone regarding the Brexit border deal in Ireland
Irish PM says can pick up Brexit talks in new year if deal not possible
The DUP says the Irish government is playing a "dangerous game" and the longer the delay on the border deal will mean a higher likelihood of a 'no deal' brexit
9 month ago
UK Chancellor Philip Hammond speaking at the Treasury Committee: (Irish border) the objective is to find a "bespoke government", I can envision a scenario where specific arrangements are agreed, this is not unprecedented (all-Ireland electricity market and animal health government)
9 month ago
UK Prime Minister Theresa May's official spokesperson says her phone call with DUP leader Arlene Foster was "constructive"
Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar says he intends to speak to Theresa May about Brexit in the coming days and accepts she wants to reach an agreement
9 month ago
UK PM Theresa May: There are already areas where there are specific arrangements between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, such as in energy, we want to ensure there is no hard border, while protecting the constitutional integrity of the UK and the internal market
9 month ago
UK PM Theresa May on Irish border: We will ensure there is no hard border while ensuring constitutional integrity of the UK, we aim to deliver this as part of our overall trade deal, we can only begin discussing that in the second phase of talks
9 month ago
PM Theresa May on Brexit: It is in the next phase of talks we will agree how we will ensure cross-border trade while maintaining the UK's constitutional integrity
9 month ago
DUP leader Arlene Foster had a short conversation with Prime Minister Theresa May by phone and "there is still work to be done" – source
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